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How to Take the Best Photo of Your Pets – 4 Tips

Struggling to get the perfect photo of your beloved pet? You aren't alone!
Most pet owners can agree it's easy to fill the camera roll with a million and one snapshots. However, getting the perfect one isn't always as easy. We're sharing 4 tips on how to take the best photo of your pet.
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Choosing Between Different Mediums

So, you have the perfect photo you want painted, and a blank wall you want to cover with some custom artwork but have no idea which medium will work best? No worries, our artist’s at Paintru have you covered. From an artist’s perspective; here is a quick rundown of when to choose oil, watercolor, or acrylic paint as your medium! Regardless of your choice, we have artists that specialize in each medium from across the globe paint your photo to life no matter which medium you prefer..  

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