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The Importance of Choosing the Right Photo for Your Paintru Custom Painting

Paintings have been considered works of art for centuries. They have been applied to capture the essence of situations, individuals, and events. Painting has long been a popular way to convey feelings, tell tales, and make something lovely that will last a lifetime. Custom paintings have grown in popularity recently and provide a distinctive means of preserving memories and feelings. Yet what a lot of people don't understand is how much a custom painting's success depends on the photo that was used to produce it. We will discuss the significance of selecting the ideal photo for your custom painting in this blog.

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Paintru Outfits Truline Industries' Warehouse Through A Large-Scale Custom Art Installation

Although most of our customers come to us and purchase paintings through our simple online platform, our business is also able to fulfill large custom commercial space artwork needs. In fact, these are some of our favorite projects!

Court Durkalski, President CEO of Truline Industries came to Paintru hoping to create a space that reflected the heart and soul of the aerospace industry and a reflection of his past experience with Convoy of Hope within the new Truline warehouse built was complete in May of 2021 in Wickliffe, Ohio.

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Memorial Portraits | Honor the Legacies of Loved Ones Through Art

In the past, only the wealthy and famed were lucky enough to have a memorial portrait of themselves commissioned. Paintru’s mission is to combat the exclusivity of the art world and make custom fine art accessible to all of us. One great way we accomplish this is by helping customers pay tribute to their loved ones with a custom hand-painted memorial painting.

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