A True Mystery: All of the Things

We have to admit, some of the paintings we do are a bit mysterious. We wonder, especially for these pieces, about the source of the inspiration? We think – the #tru2u factor on these is a bit higher, less obvious, and maybe even encrypted.

Let’s take these beautiful drinks as an example – What do they represent? What is the occasion? What memories do they recount? What moment do they symbolize?


What can we say – we're intrigued. This collection is perhaps a bit less obvious than the wedding portrait, adorable painting of the family dog, or obvious vacation snap.

If you want to share your inspiration with us – We would love to hear it! Otherwise, all that matters is that you were inspired to take a photo and turn it into a beautiful masterpiece. A piece of art that obviously means something to you – maybe only you can understand it.

We know your Paintru painting is a guaranteed conversation starter, but these definitely get your guests asking questions. It doesn’t have to be a plate of food, or a beautiful drink either – We have seen anything and everything in between.

 Take a look at some of the other things that inspired a Paintru painting:

Picture6-1Super cool sneaker collection

Moto_1119Detailed motorcycle painting

Book_1744-2Stunning book cover

FoodDrink_PR1018-1Variety of hot sauces

At the end of the day, we know it isn’t about the crispiness of a chip, the fit of that sneaker, or the taste of that special drink. Surely, there is more to the story than how fast this motorcycle can go, or how many pages are in this book. There is something special about all of these things. Something inspirational. Something that reaches far beyond the thing itself. 

Whether shared or kept private, these paintings on their own are a bit mysterious in their inspiration. Perhaps we will never know the intimate details of their inspiration – the emotions they invoke, the moments they make last, the joy they bring. Perhaps they will always remain a mystery.

Find that something and turn it into a painting! >